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24 February 13

30 Day Pokémon Drawing Challenge

1. Yourself as a trainer in your preferred in-game class (ace, hiker, bug catcher, etc.)

2. Your favorite pokémon

3. A pokémon of your favorite type

4. The first shiny you caught (excluding the red Gyarados used as a plot device in G/S/C/HG/SS). If you’ve never caught another shiny, draw a picture of yourself sadly not drawing a pokémon.

5. The cutest pokémon

6. Your favorite 1st gen pokémon

7. Your favorite Eeveelution

8. Your favorite fossil pokémon (Relicanth may or may not count, do whatever the fuck you want).

9. Your favorite legendary pokémon

10. A pokémon of your favorite color

11. The ugliest pokémon

12. Your favorite 2nd gen pokémon

13. A pokémon that made you think/say “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST NINTENDO WHAT WERE YOU THINKING”

14. Your favorite baby pokémon

15. Your most hated pokémon to battle in-game

16. A pokémon that reminds you of someone special

17. The scariest pokémon

18. Your favorite 3rd gen pokémon

19. Your least favorite pokémon

20. Your very own fakemon (include things like type, evolution(s) and methods (if any), a movelist if you’re so inclined, maybe write up a dex entry)

21. Your favorite starters, one of each type

22. The “signature” pokémon of your favorite gym leader/Elite 4 member

23. The derpiest pokémon

24. Your favorite 4th gen pokémon

25. A pokémon that you think is overdue for an evolution

26. Your spirit pokémon. Bonus points if you make a little comic or scene or something. **if you don’t yet have a spirit pokémon, try this random pokémon generator**

27. The version mascot of your favorite game

28. The most elegant/prettiest pokémon

29. Your favorite 5th gen pokémon

30. Your ideal team of six pokémon

created by the-d-f-g and drzank

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh